Crystal Lyre

Crystal Lyre

Jun 25th 2015

An original musical instrument for health and meditation

The Crystal Lyre is a unique instrument perfect for musicians working with healing and meditation. It is equally perfect for practitioners of sound healing and music therapy because it is easy to play, very portable and you don't need to be a musician to create an experience everyone will appreciate.

The Crystal Lyre™ was designed by Gaudry Normand and hand made at his crystal center in Quebec. I have spoken to Gaudry at length about the 12 years it took to perfect his Crystal Lyre.  Because this is a new instrument, classifying it is tricky and probably not fair because it is so unique. Gaudy compares it crystallophones, xylophones and vibraphones. For those already using musical instruments sound therapy, think of the Crystal Lyre in the gendre of Crystal Singing Bowl, Tibetan bowls or the Solar Harmonic tuning forks. One friend called is a crystal lyre.

The Crystal Lyre is very harmonic, each crystal tube harmonizes incredibly well with the other to create an unbelievable serene environment where ever you happen to be. It can easily be played with Crystal Singing Bowls.

Singing or Toning with the Crystal Lyre

For those of you who practice Toning or sing as part of your therapy, this is probably the instrument you have been waiting for. First, the Crystal Lyre is hand held so you hold all 8 tones in your hand. Second, you can easily bring each tube to your lips so you can tone with or through the crystal tube while it is playing. No circling required as with Crystal Singing Bowls, just tap once and the tone lasts for about 30 seconds depending on how hard you tap.

The Crystal Lyre is the perfect instrument for group sessions because you can move around while playing. Like carrying 8 practitioner singing bowls (singing bowls with handles) in one hand.

Perfect Pitch / True Tones

I've tested each tube and they are perfect pitch (within +- 10 cents), true tones for users of singing bowls. The scale is a C major scale full octave. For those working with energy, the Crystal Lyre works directly with the major chakra centers, Root to Crown.

The Crystal Lyre is permanently tuned so it will not lose it’s tuning, even if it is moved or if ambient conditions vary (temperature, humidity, etc.).

How it is made

The Crystal Lyre is made in our Crystal workshop here at Mine Cristal. It has tubes composed of pure quartz crystal, i.e. 99% silica (SiO2), mounted on a transparent acrylic base. Because it is a new and unique instrument, it is patent pending. Guitar keys, guitar strings and special metal pins firmly hold and suspend the pure crystal tubes. This unique structure gives optimal vibration space to the tubes and creates a unique, divine sound!

Technical details

The Crystal Lyre measures approximately 24" x 22" x 5" (61 x 56 x 12 cm) and weighs approximately 5.5 pounds or 2.5 kg. It can be played using one hand while being held against the chest. This allows for free and easy movement by the musician. It can also be played upright on it’s stand, or laid down flat on a table. The musician can use one or two strikers to play the instrument.

The Crystal Lyre can be made for specific frequencies however it will take some time to create. Check with me if you have a special request. I have spoken to Gaudry about making a harp tuned to the Solfeggio scale. Gaudry is looking into this but he said it will take some time because of the size of the tubes required for the lower and higher tones. There is no estimate as to when/if these will be made.

You learn more about the Crystal Lyre here.