The New Quartzophone Instruments

The Quartzophone Instruments® are a unique harmonic instrument with dynamic, soothing tones which resonate with all who experience it.

  • The Quartzophone Lyre has eight crystal tubes tuned to 432hz, low C to high C. Learn more...
  • The Quartzophone Solo is one crystal tube tuned to F# or high heart. The Duo is crystal two tubes, also tuned to F# with each tube being a different octave. Learn more...

Each instrument can be played on its own or with other musical instruments including singing bowls, tuning forks and any orchestral or native instruments.

Play the Quartzophone instruments at group concerts or group meditations, at individual sessions, spiritual gatherings and of course, for yourself. Players will use the Lyre indoors or outdoors, at concert halls, spiritual centers, therapy sessions, healing sessions (allopathic or holistic) and at yoga studios.


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