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Brain Tuners

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In the study of brain waves using an EEG machine, researchers have found four primary states of mind or moods. Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. Each of these states have a corresponding frequency range which in turn relate to a level of brain activity we may experiencing at any given moment.

  • Beta 14 – 20hz: normal waking state
  • Alpha 8 –13hz: day dreaming, meditation
  • Theta 4 – 7hz: deep of meditation and sleep, shamanic activity
  • Delta .05 – 3hz:  deep sleep, profound states of meditation and healing

Practice working with the different brain waves. For example, if someone is having trouble staying awake or needs to be more alert, pick two forks that when played together create a beta wave. If you are working with someone who is in meditation, try using two forks which create a theta state.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review