192hz G Tuning Fork - Open Bag


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Open Bag means that some returned this set. It still plays well but has a few scratches on it.

The C&G unweighted tuning forks are used to help those feeling out of balance due to daily stress. We have had requests to offer a weighted version of the Body Tuners. The new 192hz G tuning fork is meant to be used along with the Otto 128 which is a C note making and C&G weighted tuning fork set.

Why would I want a weighted Body Tuner set?

Unweighted tuning forks are considered energetic forks and are used around the body. Weighted tuning forks create a strong vibration so that they can be felt through the stem onto the body. They are considered physical tuning forks.

By using a weighted Body Tuner set you can bring balance to the physical body. Using both the weighted and unweighted C&G Body Tuner sets allows you to bring balance to the entire body, physical and energetic.

If you enjoy the unweighted Body Tuners, try the Otto 128 and the 192hz G weighted tuners.


Please note: the 192hz comes with a 2" handle.